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1 Chemical, 2 Biofuel Industries, Multiple Applications
Recorded: Thursday, December 15, 2016| 2:00 PM CST

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Ron Kotrba
Biodiesel Magazine

Benjamin Plantz
New Business Development Specialist, Formulation Technologies,
BASF Corp.

Tony Newton
Field Technical Support Leader,
BASF Corp.
John Brasher
Sr. Process Engineer,
Ergon Biofuels LLC

Methanesulfonic acid (MSA) has recently gained popularity in biodiesel production as a versatile chemical replacement for harsher acids used to esterify free fatty acids, neutralize crude biodiesel and glycerin, and soap splitting to separate fatty acids. In 2013, BASF introduced its Lutropur MSA to the biodiesel industry at 70 percent active concentration, helping producers achieve improved esterification, and faster and cleaner phase separation with less corrosion and toxicity, while eliminating formation of insolubles, emulsions, discolorations and additional side effects resulting from other types of acids.

Now, BASF is introducing to the biodiesel industry a purer, more effective form of this user-friendly acid, Lutropur MSA-XP (94 percent active), which features even more advantages in biodiesel esterification over Lutropur MSA.

But applications for Lutropur MSA do not stop with production of fatty acid methyl esters. Fuel ethanol producers are finding the value of Lutropur MSA in a variety of uses. Lutropur MSA is a highly effective acid for CIP systems, and is improving plant economics by reducing cost and significantly increasing plant efficiency. In addition, by replacing sulfuric acid, Lutropur MSA can increase oil extraction, reduce fouling and improve DDGS color. These opportunities are contributing to greater plant performance and profitability.

Hear from the experts at BASF on how Lutropur MSA and the new Lutropur MSA-XP can help your biodiesel or ethanol production facility, and from users on how these products have improved their operations.